Consuelo’s Diary

Consuelo’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Papa says some good baker’s apprentices are coming out of our lessons. Lupé, a 13-year-old girl, has what Mama calls “a light hand” when it comes to making pastry. Gabriella is teaching her, since she makes many of the pastries in our bakery. Rosalba, a tiny 10-year-old, has quick and clever fingers for shaping pastries or decorating. Hector, a 12-year-old boy, seems to understand the steps to making bread; his rolls come out just right and delicious.

The other children are trying their best, too, and I sometimes see hope in their faces as they are thanked for their hard work.

I also had another idea—Lucero’s tiny pierced paper flower, the one she gave me after we first met. I still have it on my bedroom windowsill and look at it sometimes with amazement.

“Lucero,” I said, “how would you like to make more of those flowers as decorations for our fiesta? We could hang them on strings from the branches of the tree in our courtyard. I think that would be muy hermosa, si?”

“Si!” she replied. “I could make more flowers and stars, in different colored papers and sizes, maybe.”

“Would you want to teach some of the children to help you make them?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said, her eyes beginning to shine. “Then we can make even more for the light to shine through.”

I clapped my hands. “We will have the most beautiful fiesta ever!”

And truly, Diary, I think we will.