Consuelo’s Diary

Consuelo’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Something very special happened today. After dinner, Mama and Papa presented Lucero and me with two big boxes. Everyone was smiling as we took them.

My box was very light, so I couldn’t guess what was in it! Lucero looked at me with big eyes and we both sat on the floor to open our presents.

Inside my box was a beautiful folklórico dress the bright yellow color of sunshine. The skirt had three ruffles and the top had little puffy sleeves. Ribbons of pink and turquoise trimmed the hem and waist, and in the middle of the trim was a beautiful jeweled flower.

“Mama, Papa—it’s so beautiful! Por qué? Why did you give me this?” I could hardly get the words out, I was so amazed at my dress.

“It’s for our fiesta, Consuelo!” boomed Papa. “A girl needs a dress for such a party.”

“And to dance in,” added Mama, “or at least to wear to the Festival de Danza Folklórico with all the other girls.” Mama knew that many girls from my school were looking forward to this festival. We might not dance on a stage, but we could dance to the music in the park and watch the Ballet Folklórico.

Lucero opened her box and found a smaller dress in turquoise blue and white.

Mucho gracias,” she whispered, her little face shining. “No puedo creer que este...”

“I can’t believe it, either,” I told her, smiling.

“There is also a flower for your hair, see, Consuelo?” said Gabriella, pulling out a yellow blossom trimmed in the same ribbons and jewels.

“And a little wrap,” added Mama, slipping a shawl of gauzy rose lace around my shoulders.

“I have some, too!” cried Lucero, holding up a small flowered headband that matched her dress.

“You are both special girls who have been working hard,” said Mama. “You deserve this.”

“Try them on, so we can see!” cried Gabriella.

So we ran to my room, where we quickly threw off our shorts and put on our costumes. I wrapped the flower into my hair and gathered the lace shawl around my shoulders. Now I was no longer a girl working in a bakery, but a beautiful princess in her gown, floating high above the clouds.

“I’m the sun and you are the sky!” I told Lucero.

“Yes, yes!” squealed Lucero, and we both ran to show the family.