Consuelo’s Diary

Consuelo’s Diary

Dear Diary,

School is over and I am so glad! We only have a couple of weeks until the fiesta and a lot of work to do.

Fifteen children have continued to come to baking class. The others still drop by to get food in the evenings, once they realized we weren’t mad at them for dropping out of class. They just won’t earn the money from the bake sale. I do wonder why the money isn’t more important to them—they need so many things!—but I cannot change them, Mama says, so I keep quiet about it.

We’ve been practicing decorating and frosting this week. It’s no surprise that Rosalba can decorate cookies faster than anyone, but she had a little trouble with a frosting bag, it was big for her tiny hands to hold and use. Mama finally made a special smaller bag for her, and then Rosalba was making flowers and leaves and stars like a professional!

“I have come to believe that decorating is like art—almost any child likes to do it, and has wonderful ideas in their head,” said Mama, as she watched a table full of kids practicing with frosting bags and tips. Most of the girls had their heads down, working hard to create good work.

“You two!” called Carlos, stopping behind two boys who were squirting each other with icing. “Stop wasting that stuff or I’ll make you eat it!”

“Yum!” said one of them, grinning.

“You think so,” smiled Carlos, “but you would be muy sick before too long!”

“Not me!” said the other one.

“Or I could just knock your heads together, you monkeys,” warned Carlos, and they all laughed. But the frosting stayed on the plates from then on, I noticed.

Another boy filled his bag with different colors, so that his frosting squeezed out rainbows. Mama showed him how to trim a cake and it was beautiful.

Lucero has a table full of children making paper flowers and picking holes in them with needles. Inside the bakery are the busy noises of older children making bread and pastries. It is like having a huge family, Diary, and I like the sound.