Consuelo’s Diary

Consuelo’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Only one more week until our fiesta! This will be the busiest time, because now we must begin baking things “for real” to sell in the bakery. Our flyers tell all about our venta especial, and that we are selling things for a good price to help the children, and that they are learning to bake.

Yesterday, we turned our courtyard into a laundry! Mama’s friends from church brought washtubs over and different kinds of soap; the casa took the seven older children and let them wash in their showers. The younger ones used our bathroom or washed in the courtyard behind a sheet hanging from a line. Sandros helped with the boys, although he was truly frightening sometimes!

“You are not washing hard enough,” I could hear him yelling from our bathroom window. “That is not enough shampoo! You are not leaving until your neck is clean!”

I’m sure the boys were annoyed, but Lucero and I had to hold towels to our faces to hide our laughter. It was very funny! Gabriella and Lucero helped with the girls, who were much more willing to put sweet soap in their hair and skin and come out clean and shining.

Mama and her friends washed all their clothing and hung it in the sun to dry.  Every inch of the courtyard was covered with clothing. Lucky it was a hot day!

“Here,” said Mama, handing Carlos and Gabriella a pile of clothes, “are some clothes and underwear donated by the church and the casa. Make sure everyone has something to wear until their clothes are dry.” She gave a big sigh and looked at the laundry. “Some of these are too small and need to be passed to the younger ones; others are more rags than clothing and will probably not be worn again. I wish we were rich, so I could buy them all new things.”

I hugged Mama’s damp waist. “Don’t worry, Mama. Maybe they can buy them with the money from the bake sale.”

I still have my secret idea, Diary, but now wasn’t the time to tell it to Mama. Not yet.