Consuelo’s Diary

Consuelo’s Diary

Dear Diary,

It has been a hard week, with all the children baking and decorating and handing out flyers. The ovens were on almost around the clock, with only a few hours off in the heat of the day for Mama and Papa to sleep and the children to take a siesta. But the bake sale was a success and we sold every single thing, down to the last roll!

Padre Ignacio, from our church, came and purchased boxes of pastries and loaves of bread for his rectory and church committee. Many ladies from the church also came, having heard of it from Mama’s friends. I saw classmates from school with their families, too, so the principal must have posted the flyers for us. Then there were our regular customers, and the new ones who had seen the flyers. Every day, we dropped into bed exhausted. And every night, we celebrated the goodness of people’s hearts for helping the children.

I wished mi abuela Rosa could have been here to see it.

Sunday night is our fiesta and I will wear my new dress! The piñata is in the living room, blue and pink and yellow. The paper stars are strung on the tree outside. I can’t wait.