Consuelo’s Diary

Consuelo’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Papa came home with amazing news tonight! Señora del Campo and Papa have agreed to start a cooking school in the señora’s house. And not just any cooking school, but one that will include the street children!

“Mama and I are going to teach baking classes,” Papa explained. “The children who have been taking our classes here will be students living at Señora del Campo’s house. She will give them clothing and beds and food. The younger ones will also go to regular school—and, if they want to, they can stay and help with the cooking school when they’re old enough.”

“I can’t believe it, can you, Lucero?” I cried. Her eyes were as round as mine. “But, Papa, what about our bakery?”

“Carlos and Gabriella will run the bakery.” I looked at my sister and her husband, and their faces were beaming with happy excitement.

“It’s wonderful,” sighed Gabriella.

“But also a lot of hard work for everyone,” cautioned Papa. “There is much to be done.”

Mama smiled. “Señora del Campo says that her daughter has agreed to return, at least to get things started. So we will be giving baking classes, but she will giving cooking classes, too—to people who will pay for her lessons. And we’ll have special meals where people can pay to taste the food all of us make.”

“The señora says that makes her house ‘a culinary institute,’ and that they have such things in many countries,” added Gabriella.

“That’s what all the papers have been about,” said Papa. “Getting permissions and also hiring your mama and myself. But that isn’t all…”

“What else can there be?” I asked.

“We will be living under the señora’s roof as well. There is an old carriage house beyond the courtyard, which she uses as a garage; it has a large apartment on the second floor.” Papa paused. “We are leaving this apartment for Carlos and Gabriella and Sandro to use.”

I turned and looked at Sandro. “You are staying here, at the bakery?

He nodded. “For now. Though I wouldn’t mind taking some lessons from Señorita Bernadette. I would like to cook many things!” Carlos smiled and slapped Sandro on the back. “First, the bread!”

Sandro grinned at him. “Si.”

This is more than I can believe, Diary! Wait until we tell the children!