Playmates Toys Initiates Voluntary Recall and Replacement of Charm Accessory

Playmates Toys has learned that a component of the "Tiny Tink and Friends Toy Jewelry" product assortment may contain lead in excess of US federal standards. The component affected is a small metal part of a charm accessory which is part of the complete toy jewelry product. This product is no longer available at retail and no actual harm to any consumer has been reported.

Once we became aware of this incident we filed a report with the Consumer Product Safety Commission ("CPSC") and took immediate action to stop all sales of the product in the US and Canada. We are working with our customers to dispose of inventory held by them and replacing the affected charm for consumers. Limited quantities, approximately 108 thousand units, of this product had been sold to consumers. Playmates Toys decided to initiate a voluntary consumer recall in the US in cooperation with the CPSC and Health Canada.

Playmates Toys contracts its manufacturing to qualified vendors and has manufacturing agreements with vendors that include detail requirements and procedures for compliance with all applicable safety standards. Accordingly, the vendor concerned bears full responsibility for this incidence, including the costs associated with the recall. Playmates Toys is working with its vendors to prevent recurrence of such an isolated incident.

For more details, see below. To order a replacement charm, please use the form on this page. To see the CPSC press release, click here.

Playmates Toys Voluntarily Recalls Children's Toy Jewelry Charm Accessory Due to Violation of Lead Requirements

Name of Product: Charm Accessory in Tiny Tink and Friends Children's Toy Jewelry Sets
Units: About 252,000
Importer: Playmates Toys, of Costa Mesa, CA.
Hazard: The cylindrical metal connector on a charm included with each toy set may contain levels of total lead in excess of 300 ppm. permitted by federal law.
Incidents/Injuries: None reported.
Description: This recall involves charms sold with Tiny Tink and Friends Silvermist's Water Lily Necklace, Tinker Bell's Lil' Tinker Bracelet and Rosetta's Rosebud Key Chain toy jewelry sets. The charm is attached to a cord using a metal ring and cylinder and is included with the sets as a separate accessory that children can attach to the toy necklace, bracelet, or key chain. The following products contain this charm accessory:

Item # UPC# Description
74634 0 43377 74634 8 Tinker Bell's Lil' Tinker Bracelet
74641 0 43377 74641 6 Tinker Bell's Lil' Tinker Bracelet
74631  0 43377 74631 7 Rosetta's Rosebud Key Chain
74632 0 43377 74632 4 Silvermist's Water Lily Necklace

Charms that have plastic tabs instead of metal rings and cylinders are not included in this recall.

Sold at: Retailers nationwide from November 2008 through November 2009 for about for $6.00 to $8.00. Product is currently NOT available at retail.
Manufactured in: China
Remedy: Consumers should immediately discard the entire charm and cord. Use the form on this website or contact Playmates Toys for information on how to obtain a replacement charm accessory at (855) 807-9515 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST Monday through Friday.

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