Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Cobra Kai Collection Launches!

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El SEGUNDO, CALIF. (August 1, 2021) — It’s East Coast vs. West Coast! In an action figure line over 35 years in the making, wisecracking wisdom from a secret dojo somewhere in the sewers of New York City will battle the karate teachings of the Valley’s most infamous dojo!

In the ultimate match up, Playmates Toys presents the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Cobra Kai collection, arriving on shelves October 3, 2021. Will the teachings of Master Splinter inspire the lean, mean, green team to victory, or will the combined philosophies of Danny LaRusso, John Kreese and Johnny Lawrence lead Team Cobra Kai to win the All-Valley Championship? Only action figure fans can decide!

These collector-quality figures pair the defenders of NYC with characters from one of today’s most bingeable series. The two brands will square off in four, two-pack "Versus" sets — Mutant vs. Man. These 6-inch, collector-quality figures feature amazing articulation, detail and decoration. The Cobra Kai figures each have life-like sculpts of the series stars, authentic decoration, and outfits as seen in the show. Each Turtle is clad in his white tournament uniform (called a gi) and sports his signature weapon.

The “tournament bracket” of action figure pairings:

●      Donatello vs. Johnny Lawrence

●      Michelangelo vs. Daniel LaRusso

●      Leonardo vs. Miguel Diaz

●      Raphael vs. John Kreese

 Each TMNT vs. Cobra Kai two-pack will retail for $39.99 (SRP). Figures also will be available in-stores in the United States beginning in October.


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