Donnie is the team’s brilliant inventor.

He creates all of the Turtles’ weapons and gadgets, from the
simplest bo-staff to their amazing vehicles.

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This Turtle is able to cobble together fantastic stuff from things he’s literally scrounged out of a trash heap.

He’s obsessively detail-oriented and often impatient when his brothers can’t keep up with his keen intelligence.

On the other hand, Donnie also happens to be the shyest, most reclusive, and socially awkward of the Turtles—especially when April O’Neil is nearby!

Donatello’s weapon of choice is the Naginata bo staff. his bo staff allows him to keep his opponents at a distance while he determines how best to take advantage of the weapon's unmatched versatility: attacking, defending, pummeling or even vaulting over an enemy to escape!