Ninja Control Leonardo

When it's time for Turtle training, leader Leonardo has the most mutant moves! Now you can ninja chop and block alongside Leo, charging head-on to foil the Foot...katana-crashing to crush the Kraang...spinning 360 degrees to stop Shredder! Tons of Turtle Power all under your control!

Includes 40+ phrases and sound effects!



You control Leo's ninja moves with an easy-to-use full-function remote control!

Leo also has three pre-programmed battle moves:

  1. Super Spiral Spin Sequence: "Sliced and shredded!"
  2. Forward Foot-Fencing Form: "Katana crackdown!"
  3. Training Kata: "Bot-bashing blade of Justice!"

Charge or Retreat!

Ninja spin!

Move left or right!