Giant Leonardo Playset

24" Leonardo transforms with this giant Ninja Turtle-to-Lair playset! Over 30 unique features and eight rooms, including:

Splinter's Meditation Area
Skate Park Half Pipe
Mikey's Pad
Street Level Lookout Tower
Turtles' Dojo
Donnie's Workshop
Computer Lab
Turtles' Jail

Transformation complete! Leonardo opens up to become the ultimate TMNT playset!

Includes skate park skateboard. 

Eight rooms and multiple levels mean hours of Team Green play!

Additional figures and vehicles not included.

Swoop down from the Lookout Tower and dump the bad guys out of the dojo!

Skateboard out of the park and down the escape ramp!

Uh-oh! It's a Kraang jail break! Push figure down the chute and he'll bust through the bars!

Going down! Manhole cover trap takes out the Foot!