Shellraiser Street to Sewer Assault Vehicle

From underground rails to city streets, the Turtles' massive all-terrain Shellraiser is revved and ready to smash the evil Shredder and the Kraang.

This version of the famous street-to-sewer assault vehicle boasts new coloration and features—like rail-to-road rough ridin' wheels and sewer pipe battle grips. Works with most of your Turtles figures!

This Shellraiser is hacked with attacks and Ninja Battle Boosts that make the Turtles flip out and over. Front-end battle ramp means a Turtle can be first to get into the action!

NOTE: Figures sold separately.

Wind and load for a 360° flipping, Foot-busting ninja attack! This horsepower monster's on a mission of justice—Turtles style!

Spring-loaded blasting bazookas for launching missiles! 

Battle hatch bursts open!