Talk-to-Me Mikey


Here's your chance to talk to the funniest Ninja Turtle—Michelangelo! Talk to him, ask him questions, sing songs with him or play games; Talk-to-Me Mikey is the most intelligent, interactive Turtle toy ever!

Over 100 phrases, 10 voice-response commands, and 12+ sound effects!

Call Mikey to get his attention and wait for him to listen—then go ahead and talk! Mikey hears what you say and talks back! 

Ask Mikey any of a list of questions and he'll give you the right answer! Special questions, when asked 4-5 times, will result in a surprise ending!

Wanna know what's up? Ask Mikey to tell you the future and he'll make a prediction...but don't be surprised if it's a silly one!

Feel like singing? Mikey's programmed with three unique songs!

Mikey has interactive motion sensors, so if you shake him, he knows it!

Lay him on his back and spin him—Mikey's breakdancing!