Sweeper Ops Vehicle to Playset

Clean up the streets of NYC with the Mutant Sweeper Ops Vehicle!  This deluxe 2-in-1 Micro Mutant Sweeper Ops vehicle playset has it all and is compatible with basic and micro mutant action figures!

Comes with three articulated Mutant Micro figures: Leonardo, Raphael, and Shredder.

The deluxe spiral sweeper feature sweeps up all of your micro action figures and vehicles by rolling over them and placing the villains in a holding cell!

The deluxe spiral sweeper feature sweeps up micro figures and vehicles as it drives over them, takes them on a conveyor belt, and drops them into an internal holding cell.

Once you’ve collected the trash, transform the Sweeper vehicle to a multi-level Operational Headquarters playset with multiple rooms, multiple levels of play and tons of features to discover. 

Playset can hold up to 200 micro action figures!