Leo’s Dojo Playset

You may need a magnifying glass to see these micro-mutant Turtles, but their ninja skills and Turtle Power are still mighty enough to face off against their small-scale foes!

Each of the Pet Turtles playsets opens to reveal a micro Ninja Turtle world, full of things to discover! Includes two articulated micro figures: Leonardo with his katana swords and Cockroach Terminator.

Flip the Turtle shell to explore Leo's Dojo, including blaster target practice, secret sewer entrance, dojo ramp, and jail cell!

Includes a blaster cannon—with a removable base that can be attached to the playset—and 2 projectiles.

Have a nice trip, Cockroach! Leo's Dojo includes surprise ejection steps!

Take on bad guys using the battle platform!

Escape sewer tunnel can connect Leo's Dojo to other Micro Mutant Turtles playsets!