Leo’s Surprise Attack Playset

You may need a magnifying glass to see these micro-mutant Turtles, but their ninja skills and Turtle Power are still mighty enough to face off against their small-scale foes!

This 9.5" Leo figure opens to reveal an entire micro playset with multiple levels of play! Set includes Stealth Ninja Leo with katana swords and Shredder micro figures, and blaster with three projectiles.


Front shell, back shell, feet and head all open to reveal tons of features and multiple levels of play inside playset!



Back shell has dual battle platforms, ejection staircase, jail area, and a villain drop trap door!

Front shell opens to reveal dojo training exercise area with Shredder punching dummy, weapons rack, trap door, and escape ramp!

Leo's neck features a secret elevator. Middle area contains a sneaky sewer trap that sends the bad guys down the right leg and into jail!

Left leg features include punching fist and holding cell!