Trash Truck

The Turtles are taking the fight to the streets with their ultimate Trash Truck! This transformed city sanitation truck has giant nunchuks to take out Shredder from the sides, a mutant net to capture the Foot army, and sewer lid firing action. Nothing can stop the Turtles from keeping the city streets safe!

Comes with four ninja star discs.

This garbage truck has been ninjafied!  The Turtle Tactical Truck is packed full of awesome Foot fighting gear to give the Turtles the edge in battle!

Turtles can hitch a ride on the rear step and hold handle, or on the front forklift. 

Open the front to let figures ride inside! Truck fits up to four basic Turtles figures.

Deploy giant nunchucks that spin as the vehicle rolls!

Launch ninja stars!

Fit a Turtle into the pop-top hatch and then fire the capture net to snare Shredder!