Hootslumber & Practice Cube Training Pack

Practice your Kuroba battle skills! Kuroba are magical creatures who help maintain peace and harmony. Kuroba Keepers keep these mischievous creatures under control. Train with a Kuroba and a Practice Cube and you, too, can become a Kuroba Keeper!

Hootslumber Training Pack comes with transforming Kuroba, Practice Cube, and Creature Gem.

Remove front panel of Kuroba. Choose your Battle Mode—rock, paper or scissors—by moving tab.

Turn Kuroba inside out and lock into place. Now you're set for battle!

Get training! Slide your Kuroba toward the Practice Cube to capture! Make sure "K" icons are on top of both the Kuroba and the Practice Cube.

Mix and match Kuroba panels from the five tribes to make thousands of different Kuroba combinations!