Leo & Donnie Patrol Buggies

Turtles’ Interlocking speed machines! Straight from the hit TV show, the Leo & Donnie Patrol Buggies are individually customized and ready to roll! Run the Foot off the road with Leo's rocket "grenade" or scare 'em to the sidewalk with Donnie's Kraang-crushing big wheels.

Connect the two buggies and launch Leo forward for a Ninja Battle Boost! Fire that rocket grenade!

Note: Figures not included.

Leo's buggy is a road-blasting driving machine in blue and silver, with a sewer-sludge powered engine and lever to launch his rocket grenade (included).

Donnie's high-back Patrol Buggy is equipped with a powerful engine and super-big wheels, made for Foot and Kraang slammin' action!

Connect all four vehicles to form one mega Ninja Buggy. With the Buggies on patrol, no one dares trash Turtle turf!

Note: Figures and Raph & Mikey Patrol Buggies are all sold separately.