Leonardo and Eleven

Leonardo and Eleven team up to try and stop TCRI's next experiment inn Hawkins, Indiana! This exclusive limited edition 2-Pack features authentic and highly detailed 6” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Stranger Things action figures!

Leo has 20 points of articulation and Eleven has 18 points, for action-packed poses!

Leonardo is newly sculpted, based on the 1984 comic book, with dark green skin, red bandana, and his signature Katana swords. The set also includes a waffle throwing star and 1980’s portable cassette tape player!

Eleven wears her jeans with suspenders and dark blue/multicolor blouse from Season 3, and comes with her backpack, flashlight, and 1980’s handheld phone.

The set comes in a highly collectible TMNT and Stranger Things co-branded window box package!