Raphael and Hopper

Raphael and Hopper team up to try and stop TCRI's next experiment inn Hawkins, Indiana! This exclusive limited edition 2-Pack features authentic and highly detailed 6” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Stranger Things action figures!

Raphael has 20 points of articulation and Eleven has 18 points, for action-packed poses!

Raphael is newly sculpted, based on the 1984 comic book, with dark green skin, red bandana, signature twin sai, waffle throwing star and 1980’s portable cassette tape player.

Hopper wears jeans and his iconic Hawaiian shirt—based on Season 3—and comes with his handgun, baseball ball with nails, axe, and flashlight.

Set comes in a highly collectible TMNT and Stranger Things co-branded window box package!