Michelangelo vs. Chun-Li

TMNT’s Michelangelo takes on Street Fighter Chun-Li in this Action Figure 2-Pack! The Street Fighter team will face their greatest challenge yet when they battle against the infamous Ninja Turtles! Will Chun-Li have the chops to take down Michelangelo, master of the whirling nunchuks? Only you can decide! 

Figures stand 6” high, are fully articulated and ready for battle action poses!

Both figures are highly detailed and feature enhanced decoration based on the 1980's video game! Michelangelo comes with his signature nunchuks, that slide into his shell belt for easy storage.

Chun-Li comes dressed in her iconic blue and gold tunic with beribboned hair buns and spiked wrist bands.

Street Fighter celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2022, marking a historic moment for one of the most influential fighting video game franchises of all time. Original classic ‘80’s window box with authentic backdrops from the game!