Ninja Control Shellraiser

From rail riding to street surfing, take full control of the Turtles' main group vehicle with this 11" remote control Shellraiser! 

Easy-to-use IR controller allows full-function remote control steering (forward/reverse and left/right) and operates a rapid-fire Sewer Cover Cannon that fires discs remotely with a press of a button. 

Comes with 12 sewer cover discs. 

Remote-firing Sewer Cover Cannon fires up to 10 sewer cover discs at a time!

Please note: The ‘Ninja Control’ is a wireless infrared remote control and designed for indoor play. It may not work outside, especially in strong sunlight.

Point the remote transmitter directly at the dark grey sensor on the top front of the Shellraiser at all times. A Ninja must focus!

Stay within 15-20 feet of the vehicle to accurately control the Shellraiser. Beyond 20 feet, the signal may not reach it.

The remote's signal can be blocked by Turtle figures placed on the Shellraiser, open hatch covers, or even furniture that comes between the remote and the Shellraiser. Practice makes perfect!

Compatible with all TMNT Basic Action Figures, you can load up your heroes for a ride against evil!