Ana Karina

A group of ten teenagers are the leaders of “La Conchita,” a radio program that discusses the human rights and duties of girls and boys in Nicaragua. Ana Karina is a member of this radio communication network.

Just thirteen years old, she lives in the San Juan community—about 35 kilometers from Managua, Nicaragua’s capital city. She is the youngest in her family and says that they are supportive of her radio activities.

“My mom is happy for what I am doing, and so are my sisters,” says Ana.

This group of young communicators started takin formal training sessions a year ago. The “La Conchita” program will broadcast for two months, during which the kids will put into practice all the radio skills they have learned. The impact and acceptance of the program and its content on the topics of children’s rights will also be measured.

Ana Karina is a radio announcer on Thursdays. In the morning, she goes to school, where she attends eighth grade. In the afternoon, she goes to radio rehearsal to help record the “La Conchita” program. The program airs on Saturdays from 8:00 to 8:30am. Ana and the other members of the program have to go to a local radio station that is located at about thirteen kilometers from their town.

When asked about the message she wants to give other children from her community, Ana Karina said they should not feel helpless or sad “because a child can make his or her dream come true.” She never thought that she would be on a radio program, much less act as an announcer. Now her experience as a community communicator has given her the confidence to speak out.

We hope Ana Karina continues to speak up about children’s rights in her country, and that she finds other radio programs that will broadcast her message.