Party Wagon

Own the most advanced party vehicle ever designed! Originally released in 1988, this mutant attack van includes:

- Turtle shell hubcabs and radical racing radials!

- Shell-proof armored windshield visor! 

- Dual CB antenna machine guns!

The radical, super-cool, Super-Spoiler on top of the van triggers the Foot-pounding tenderizer, whacko bombs, and other party surprises! All this control is now in the palm of your Foot-bustin' hands!

Note: Figures not included.


Michelangelo loves to ride shotgun on the swinging spring-action Foot tenderizer (holds one figure)!

Turtle-plated flip top allows easy access for six action figures—more if you squish 'em!

Street-level bomb slide for launching whacko bombs!

Foot-finder radar blaster!