Billboard Breakout

High Three!  Don't tangle with the Turtles, 'cause this tricky triple attack will toss the billboard bad guys as the Turtles bear down at ballistic speeds!

All Z-Line Ninja sets connect. Build the city and create a world of zip-line action!

Figures not included.

Product includes:

1 Billboard Breakout Playset
4 Command Strips from 3M
4 wall clips,
1 gargoyle launcher
1 C-Clamp
2 tension cylinders
2 Z-line pulleys
1 two-hand handle
1 one-hand handle
2 48" Zip-line
1 72" Zip Line
1 Angle Gauge

Zip-line chain reaction! Start the attack and trigger a bad guy's free fall!

Hangs safely on the wall using 3M Command Strips.

Figures not included.