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Plush > 6″ Plush Kwami Tikki
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6″ Plush Kwami Tikki

The Miraculous Kwami are magical, mysterious, and—most importantly—ADORABLE creatures! They are sidekicks of their chosen guardians and, when paired with their Miraculous jewels, help them to transform into superheroes. Based on the popular animated series, these adorable, cuddly, plush Kwami are just as cute as they are in the show!

“SPOTS ON!” Tikki is Ladybug’s magical Kwami. She’s made to match her Miraculous animated character with her signature spots, red and black colors, and a sweet smile.

ADORABLE DETAILS: Tikki is decorated in detailed embroidery that captures her cute facial features and quirky Kwami personality

MIRACULOUS MATERIALS: With their soft fabric and features, Miraculous Plush Kwamis are simply the best, and up to the test when things go wrong!

COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect all the Miraculous plush Kwami!

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