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Lady Dragon

Meet Fei, the new protector of the Prodigious! When she puts on the magical pendant necklace, Fei becomes Lady Dragon, a superhero that can transform into eight different animals. But in order to unlock those powers, she must learn the values that the animals, or renling, represent: calmness, compassion, confidence, honor, patience, courage, discipline, and justice! After Lady Dragon learns this, she can wield the power of the dragon to defeat Hawk Moth and save Shanghai!

BOLD COLORS: Shanghai’s superhero swaps her dragon scales for bright pink hair and a fiery animal-patterned red and yellow suit!

ACCESSORIES: Removable heeled red ankle boots, matching mask, and her magical necklace, the Prodigious, make this superhero super cute!

DETAILED DESIGN: The Lady Dragon fashion doll is modeled to match her character from the Miraculous show, with realistic facial features and expressions, and a luxurious head of flame-bright hair.

JEWELRY: The magical necklace, or Prodigious, lets Lady Dragon transform into any of the 8 different animals displayed on the front of her pendant!

She also wears a special bracelet that unlocks the Sacred Cave that held the Prodigious!

10.5″ AND FULLY ARTICULATED: So Lady Dragon can face evil and protect the Prodigious!

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