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While scum-skulking through the green, slimy depths of a rank Florida swamp, a garden-variety gator swam through a streak of orange mutagen. Faster than snap, crackle and crunch, this grinning gator mutated into Leatherhead, the biggest, meanest reptile ever to hit the amphibious circuit! Rippling with super-mutant strength and swimming ability, Leatherhead enjoys just a pinch of Turtle between his teeth and gum for true chewin’ satisfaction. This garbage can gourmet fills his gullet by trapping Turtles, tenderizing them with a blast of his swamp gun and mixing in a bag of red-hot Cajun spices. Leatherhead is the undisputed king of the swamp and could be the next sultan of the sewer when Shredder drafts him into the dreaded Foot Clan.

AUTHENTIC: Leatherhead is authentically sculpted and decorated as he appeared in the hit 1980’s animated TV show.

FULLY POSEABLE: Classic Leatherhead figure stands 4” long and has 7 points of articulation, ready for battle action poses!

ACCESSORIES: Figure comes with a Swamp Gun and Turtle Trap Accessory.

CLASSIC PACKAGING: Blister card and original TMNT graphics, just like in the 1980’s!

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