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Core Fashion Dolls > Movie Marinette at “The Grand Ball”
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Movie Marinette at “The Grand Ball”

There’s something Miraculous within us all! When Marinette and Adrien stumble upon an ancient power, they reveal their new superhero destinies. As they take up the task of defending Paris, it’s up to these two high school students to protect their powers—and their identities—from evil. But when their enemy grows stronger, along with their feelings for each other, will Ladybug and Cat Noir be able to keep a secret? Collect all the dolls from Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie, starting with this special, limited edition Marinette collector doll, sparkling in her glamorous new look.

NEW SCULPT: Ladybug’s head and expression have been sculpted especially for this movie edition doll

DRESSED FOR THE BALL: Marinette’s latest design creates a striking silhouette with a fitted bodice that blooms into a full skirt. The satin lining of the skirt creates dramatic highlights as the folds of the fabric shine beneath the layers of shimmery tulle.

ACCESSORIES: These include a removable Ladybug mask in her signature red and black and Miraculous earrings. Sleek, glittery pink ballet flats tie her entire look together.

FANTASY FLIGHT: Marinette’s iridescent and intricately designed organza wings shimmer among the Paris lights.

READY TO DANCE: Take this new look for a spin and twirl onto the dance floor! Marinette has 15 points of articulation, so she can remove her mask and maybe dance with a special someone!

REMOVE HER MASK: Reveal Marinette’s glittering makeup and hair accessory! The pink sparkly eyeshadow and subtle yet chic lip color pair perfectly with Marinette’s pink hair fascinator, adorned with a floral print.