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Bebop: Jacked Up Warthog

Get ready for the Mutant Mayhem figures and accessories, based on the new CG animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie! Be careful not to say anything that will set this guy off! Warthog mutant Bebop not only sports some killer shades and a retro boombox, he also likes to fight in style! When Super Fly plots to destroy the Turtles and wreak mutant mayhem, Bebop and his dangerous-yet-dim partner in crime, Rocksteady, are ready and willing to join the fight!

AUTHENTIC: Bebop stands 4.5″ tall and is highly detailed with individual sculpting and decoration to match his movie character.

HIGHLY POSEABLE: Bebop has 13 points of articulation for great action-packed battle poses!

ACCESSORIES: Bebop comes ready for battle with his powerful blaster and a separate weapons rack loaded with different accessories!

MOVIE PACKAGING: Bebop comes in a highly decorated blister card package with bright, bold details that includes TMNT Mutant Mayhem movie branding.

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