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Role Play > Kong Titan Roar Interactive Mask
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Kong Titan Roar Interactive Mask

Return to Hollow Earth with Godzilla and Kong in an all-new adventure! When a colossal threat is discovered within our world, Godzilla and Kong must fight to protect their existence—and our own. Transform into the King of Skull Island with the Kong Titan Roar Interactive Mask, complete with epic new details that capture his movie look. Set comes in a unique Godzilla x Kong package!

AUTHENTIC: The Kong Titan Roar Interactive Mask is highly detailed to match the new movie, ensuring an authentic representation of Kong’s iconic character.

REALISTIC ROAR: Command the battlefield with a fearsome realistic roar, just like Kong! To unleash his mighty battle cry, simply open your mouth. The flexible chin strap makes Kong’s mouth mirror your movements!

MOVIE PACKAGING: The Kong Titan Roar Mask comes in bright, bold Godzilla x Kong packaging inspired by the fearsome Hollow Earth landscape in the new movie.

COLLECT THEM ALL: Complete your monstrous collection with other figures and accessories from the new Godzilla x Kong line. Choose from a wide range of characters, including old allies, dangerous foes, and new challengers to recreate epic battles and awesome new adventures! Build your very own MonsterVerse with Playmates Toys!