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Deluxe Fashion Dolls > Ladybug & Lady Dragon 2-Pack
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Ladybug & Lady Dragon 2-Pack

TIME TO TEAM UP! Ladies and guardians, put your hands together for a super new friendship, Ladybug and Lady Dragon! When Hawk Moth makes his way to Shanghai, these superheroes must stop him with their Miraculous and Prodigious powers!

STYLISH SUITS: This pair of 10.5” Fashion Dolls comes ready for action; Ladybug in her signature spotted red and black superhero suit with matching mask, removable booties and Miraculous earrings. Lady Dragon with her fiery red and yellow superhero suit with black accents, mask, and heeled ankle boots.

ACCESSORIES: Ladybug has her Miraculous yoyo and Lady Dragon her Prodigious necklace that lets her transform into eight different animals!

Look out Hawk Moth, this pair is ready to take out the trash!

10.5″ AND FULLY ARTICULATED: So both superheroes can run to the rescue and defeat Hawk Moth’s akumatized villains!

HIGHLY DETAILED: Ladybug looks Miraculous with her classic ponytails hairstyle and realistic facial features. Lady Dragon has a luxurious head of flame-colored hair.

CUSTOM PACKAGING: This daring duo comes in a window box designed especially for the Legend of Lady Dragon!

COLLECT THEM ALL: It takes two to defend Shanghai! Collect all your favorite Miraculous characters with styles straight from the show!