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Deluxe Fashion Dolls > Hero Switch Lady Noire & Bugnoire
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Hero Switch Lady Noire & Bugnoire

Transform into two Miraculous heroes with the push of a button! Press the button on Lady Noire’s foot and watch as her superhero suit spins to reveal Bugnoir! Return to Lady Noire by pressing the button once more—you can switch styles again and again! Set includes authentically sculpted 10.5″ Ladybug Fashion Doll, a cat ears headband and two removable masks—one for each superhero!

AUTHENTIC: The Miraculous Hero Switch doll stands at 10.5″ and is sculpted to match Ladybug’s animated character from the “Miraculous Ladybug” TV series.

ACCESSORIES: Doll comes with a cat ears headband and two removable masks—one for each outfit!

SWITCH STYLES: Inspired by the Black Cat Miraculous, Lady Noire’s skirt is designed with layers of black tulle and bright green detailing. When she transforms into Bugnoir, Tikki’s signature black spots shine on a red background!

TRY IT OUT: Doll comes in a special “Try Me” package so you can press her foot and see the transformation right in the box, right in the store!

COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect all the Miraculous heroes and allies to create your own super team!