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Paris Heroez Playset

Paris is the city of lights, love and Ladybug! Transform the most recognizable landmark in the world into a Miraculous playset—perfect for your favorite Parisian heroez and fashion dolls. Standing a massive 4′ tall, the Miraculous Paris Heroez Playset is full of magical surprises including a Parisian picnic area, shops and stores, a restaurant with a transforming balcony, and a Kwami storage area with a zipline! A working elevator can travel between the first and second floors. A wealth of accessories means you can decorate and set up a world of fun for Ladybug and her friends!

Dolls and Kwami sold separately.

AMAZING ACCESSORIES: The playset has a picnic area at its base—just right for a sunny lunch with Marinette and Adrian—as well as surprise shops like a bakery, bookstore, ice cream shop, and art supply store. With over 40 accessories included, get ready to go shopping!

ROMANTIC REVEAL: Take the elevator to the second floor of the playset where a romantic restaurant waits! Open the corner of the restaurant to reveal a transforming balcony!

TOP FLOOR FUN: The top level of the playset includes storage space for magical Kwamis and a zipline for Miraculous heroez to swing to the rescue!

HEROEZ PACKAGING: Playset comes in colorful packaging covered with images of Ladybug and her friends!

COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect Ladybug and all her allies and bring them to life with the Miraculous Paris Heroez Playset!