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Deluxe Fashion Dolls > Magic Heroez Transformation Surprise
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Magic Heroez Transformation Surprise

When Paris is threatened by super villains, Marinette must use the Miraculous to become different superheroes! With the Magic Heroez Transformation Surprise dolls, you can help her transform and save the city! Which hero will she become?

HIDDEN HEROEZ:  The set includes a 10.5” Marinette doll, a pink magical dissolving packet and a Miraculous tube to contain the water and the doll for her mysterious transformation.

ADD WATER TO TRANSFORM: Reveal Marinette’s super-secret superhero identity with water and some Miraculous magic! Add water, place Marinette and the magical pink packet in the Miraculous tube, swirl to dissolve, and watch her reveal happen!

COMPLETE HER SUPERHERO LOOK: Each Magic Heroez Transformation doll includes different accessories—Kwamis, removable masks, Miraculous, and more!

MAKE A SPLASH: Collect all the Magic Heroez Transformation dolls for more Miraculous possibilities!