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Miraculous Ladybug Hero Doll

Welcome to the Miraculous world of Ladybug! When evil threatens the safety of Paris, Ladybug and her friends must team up to take down akumatized villains. Now, you can help the heroes with a super stylish Ladybug doll inspired by the Miraculous show. She’s Miraculous! Simply the best! Paris’ favorite superhero is always up to the test when things go wrong!

MIRACULOUS DETAILS: 10.5”  Ladybug is made to match her Miraculous character from the animated show with a highly detailed, realistic facial expression.

SUPER STYLE: Classic colors capture Ladybug’s signature look! Her superhero suit is molded with bold red and black spots. Her shiny rooted hair is styled into two beautiful blue ponytails.

ARTICULATED: Ladybug Hero Doll has 5 points of articulation, so she can swing to the rescue and save  the streets or Paris!

COLLECT THEM ALL: Complete your Miraculous team! Collect Ladybug’s super allies with more dolls from Playmates Toys, inspired by the Miraculous show!