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Novelty > Mutagen Ooze Canister w/ Baby Turtle
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Mutagen Ooze Canister w/ Baby Turtle

Bustin’ out of the New York Sewers are four Bodacious Brothers ready to kick butt! Born from mysterious mutant ooze, these tubular Turtles and their radical rat dad have trained in the art of Ninjutsu to become a bad guy bashin’ super team! With their gal pal April O’ Neil, they’re about to face the gnarliest mutants the world has ever seen! Collect these Mutagen Ooze Canisters—just like the ones in the Mutant Mayhem movie—and you’ll also receive one of the Turtles in their pre-mutant, baby turtle form!

MYSTERY MUTAGEN OOZE: Mutagen Ooze transformed four lost baby turtles into the amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles we know today! There are three possible oozes—and four turtles—for you to collect.

SURPRISE TURTLE: Each canister comes with one of the brothers in their pre-mutated baby turtle form! Which one will you find?

USE THE OOZE: The Mutagen Ooze also works with some of the other items in the TMNT toy line!

COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect all the TMNT Mutant Mayhem action figures and accessories from Playmates Toys, your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toy Headquarters!