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Purple Tigress

Welcome to the Miraculous world of Ladybug! When akumatized villains threaten to destroy Paris, Ladybug and her friends must team up to save their city. This time, Juleka’s parents get akumatized by Hawk Moth and Ladybug gives her the Tiger Miraculous with the power of clout. Using its ancient magic, Juleka transforms into Purple Tigress—a superhero that can save Paris, and her parents!

“STRIPES ON!” When Purple Tigress transforms, she shows off this superhero suit with bold colors, tiger stripes, flexible fabric, and removable shoes.

ACCESSORIES: Help Purple Tigress defeat Hawk Moth’s akumatized villains with her bolas belt, tiger-ear headband, and feline Kwami, Roarr!

DETAILED DESIGN: The Purple Tigress fashion doll is modeled to match her character from the Miraculous show with realistic facial features and expressions, and a long ponytail full of bright purple hair.

10.5″ AND FULLY ARTICULATED: So Purple Tigress can throw powerful punches and protect her friends! With multiple points of articulation, she’s ready for action-packed superhero poses!