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Enter a world of imaginative play with Ladybug’s “Miraculous Heroez” dolls and accessories, where kids can “Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Miraculous!” Create your own adventures with this 10.5” Bunnyx Fashion Doll! Alix Kubdel is a tomboy, she’s tough, stubborn (sometimes reckless) and very self-confident! Only when she unexpectedly travels to the future does Alix receive the Bunny Miraculous—and become the swift and agile rabbit-themed superhero, Bunnyx!

“CLOCKWISE!” She comes dressed in her vivid arctic blue and white superhero outfit and white booties.

ACCESSORIES: Help Bunnyx defeat Hawk Moth’s villain with her Kwami, Fluff, and a bunny-ears headband!

DETAILED DESIGNS: The Bunnyx fashion doll is modeled to match her character from the Miraculous show with realistic facial features and expressions, and bright red hair styled short and chic!

10.5″ AND FULLY ARTICULATED: So she can travel back in time and help the younger heroes! With 15 points of articulation, the Bunnyx Fashion Doll is ready for action-packed superhero posing!

COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect all the “Miraculous Heroez” by Playmates Toys!