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When Marinette finds her wings as Cosmobug, she must discover new way to stop Hawk Moth’s villains as his schemes to take over Paris grow ever bigger! With Cosmobug’s power upgrade, she can save Paris whether she’s in the street OR in the skies!

“POWER UP!” Cosmobug comes in a deep pink and white polka dot superhero suit made of flexible fabric, and a matching mask.

ACCESSORIES: These include her removable matching booties, Miraculous earrings, and beautiful pink wings!

DETAILED AND POSEABLE: Cosmobug has multiple points of articulation for action-packed superhero posing! She’s highly detailed and sculpted with two ponytails of brilliant blue hair!

DETACHABLE: Her pink spotted wings are detachable, for pursuing evil in or out of the skies!

COLLECT THEM ALL: Playmates Toys is your place for Miraculous dolls and accessories!