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Enter a world of imagination with Ladybug’s “Miraculous Heroez” dolls and accessories, where kids can “Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Miraculous!” Marinette Dupain-Cheng appears to be a normal teenager, one that aspires to be a fashion designer and is all about chic and the Parisian way. But there’s something about her that no one knows yet; is it her secret identity as the crimefighting superhero, Ladybug? Or her secret crush on Adrien Agreste (aka Cat Noir)? Whichever it is, Marinette is up for the test when things go wrong—and she believes in the power of love! Create your own adventures with this 10.5 Marinette Fashion Doll!

FASHIONABLE FEATURES! Marinette looks Miraculous in her signature style with a floral print t-shirt, a gray blazer with polka dot accents, pink capris, and matching removable flats!

ACCESSORIES: Complete Marinette’s classic oufit with a cute crossbody purse and her magical Kwami, Tikki!

DETAILED DESIGN: The Marinette fashion doll is modeled to match her character from the Miraculous show with realistic facial features and expressions, and two ponytails full of beautiful blue hair!

10.5″ AND FULLY ARTICULATED: So she can run to class or to the rescue when Hawk Moth attacks!

COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect all the “Miraculous Heroez” by Playmates Toys!