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Rena Rouge

Enter a world of imagination with Ladybug’s “Miraculous Heroez” dolls and accessories, where kids can “Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Miraculous!” As a student in the same school as Marinette (aka Ladybug), Alya Césaire is her best friend and writes a blog on Ladybug. Even when she’s transformed—by Miraculous jewels and her magical Kwami, Trixx—into the fox-inspired superhero, Rena Rouge, she always has Ladybug’s back! Create your own adventures with this 10.5” Rena Rouge Fashion Doll!

“LET’S POUNCE!” When Rena Rouge transforms, she shows off this superhero suit with flexible fabric and fox-inspired colors and patterns!

ACCESSORIES: Her outfit includes removable black booties, Miraculous pendant, and Flute accessory—just like in the show! Rena Rouge’s Kwami sidekick, the magical Trixx, completes the set!

10.5″ AND FULLY ARTICULATED: With 15 points of articulation, Rena Rouge can fight beside Ladybug and defend her friends!

Double-jointed elbows and knees mean you can position her in all sorts of realistic poses!

DETAILED DESIGNS: The Rena Rouge fashion doll is modeled to match her character from the Miraculous show with realistic facial features and expressions; and a long ponytail full of gorgeous orange hair!

COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect all the “Miraculous Heroez” by Playmates Toys!