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Action Figures > Basic FIgures > 6″ Skar King w/ Whipslash
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6″ Skar King w/ Whipslash

Return to Hollow Earth with Godzilla and Kong in an all-new adventure! When a colossal threat is discovered within our world, Godzilla and Kong must fight to protect their existence—and our own. The Godzilla x Kong 6” Skar King brings a dangerous new foe to your collection, with epic new details that capture his movie look. Set includes Skar King’s bone whipslash weapon and comes in a unique Godzilla x Kong package!

AUTHENTIC: Every detail is made to match the new movie, ensuring an authentic representation of Skar King’s iconic character.

BATTLE POSES: With multiple points of articulation, Skar King is ready for action, so you can recreate your favorite scenes from his epic battles!

WHIPLASH WEAPON: Bring the action home with Skar King’s bone whipslash weapon. The whipslash is highly detailed to match its movie design, adding a realistic element to your playtime or display!

MOVIE PACKAGING: Figure comes in bright, bold Godzilla x Kong packaging inspired by the fearsome Hollow Earth landscape in the new movie.

COLLECT THEM ALL: Complete your monstrous collection with other figures and accessories from the new Godzilla x Kong line. Choose from a wide range of characters, including old allies, dangerous foes, and new challengers to recreate epic battles and awesome new adventures! Build your very own MonsterVerse with Playmates Toys