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Donatello w/ Storage Shell

Because he’s only got two hands, this 4” Classic Storage Shell Donatello relies on his shell to tote the tools of his trade! He’s got his bo staff snapped to his back for easy retrieval, and when the going gets Turtle tough, he just opens his storage shell and selects a weapon from his awesome arsenal! Don’s the first Turtle to perfect this super stash—now, he cannot only store weapons on his back, he can sneak secret sewer stuff right past the Foot Clan!

AUTHENTIC: Donnie is authentically sculpted and decorated as he appeared in the hit 1980’s animated TV show.

POSEABLE: Donatello figure stands 4” high and is fully poseable with 7 points of articulation, ready for battle action poses!

ACCESSORIES: Donatello comes with a weapons rack of battle accessories, including his iconic bo staff.

CLASSIC PACKAGING: Includes a blister card and original TMNT graphics, just like in the 1980’s!

COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect all the TMNT 4” Original Classic Action Figures!