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Vehicles & Playsets > Ladybug Switch N’ Go Scooter w/ Lucky Charms Doll

Ladybug Switch N’ Go Scooter w/ Lucky Charms Doll

Welcome to the Miraculous world of Ladybug! When akumatized villains threaten to destroy Paris, Ladybug and her friends must team up to save their city. This time, they’re facing the evil Queen Banana and can’t slip up! To clean up the sticky situation, Ladybug calls for help from her magical Lucky Charm object, which transforms into the Lucky Charm Scooter!

LUCKY CHARM SCOOTER: Push the button on Ladybug’s yo-yo to activate her magical Lucky Charm and change it into a chic scooter decorated in Ladybug’s signature spots and pattern!

GO TO THE RESCUE IN STYLE: Ladybug comes in her new Lucky Charms superhero outfit of alternating red and black patterns, ready to hold off Shadow Moth!

STAY SAFE: Help Ladybug stay safe on her scooter with a removable helmet, seatbelt, and handles for steering!

POISED FOR ACTION: Ladybug Lucky Charms doll has 15 points of articulation, including double-jointed knees and elbows, for realistic superhero posing.

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