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Vehicles & Playsets > Marinette’s 2-in-1 Bedroom and Balcony Playset

Marinette’s 2-in-1 Bedroom and Balcony Playset

Enter a world of imaginative play with Miraculous Ladybug’s dolls, playset, and accessories, where kids can “Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Miraculous!” Marinette’s 2-in-1 Bedroom and Balcony Playset features her Parisian-chic design studio bedroom, inspired by the architecture of the city she lives in. It has everything an aspiring designer needs—even a picture of her secret crush, Adrien! Every item is inspired by the popular animated TV series; now you can recreate your favorite moments from the show!

25″ TALL: Playset has Marinette’s design studio as well as an amazing private rooftop balcony for the ultimate “friendz or heroez” hangout.

(Doll not included.)

DESIGN STUDIO BEDROOM: Playset comes with Marinette’s graphic design desk with laptop, a rolling chair, her super-sleek chaise lounge, a swiveling mirror, and a round flower rug.

SECRET ROOFTOP: Marinette loves the private rooftop balcony with a flip-top hatch for its beautiful view of Paris.

WINDOW OF DREAMS: Marinette can daydream through her curved peekaboo window on the back of the playset.

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