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Vehicles & Playsets > Ladybug’s Volkswagen e-Beetle
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Ladybug’s Volkswagen e-Beetle

As the Guardian of the Miraculous and Paris’ favorite superhero, Ladybug is one busy bug always on the move! When she’s not swinging through the skies, she’s steering through the streets in her brand-new, authentically branded, Volkswagen e-Beetle! It has a removable roof, doors that open and shut, and wheels that spin!

SEATS 2 DOLLS AND 5 KWAMIS: (All sold separately.) Ladybug can take a Miraculous ally on a mission or a special paw-rtner on a date! And there’s space for Kwamis on the dashboard or in the trunk.

OFFICIAL: The e-Beetle is an officially licensed product!

OPEN THE DOORS: Lift the butterfly doors to catch a ride with Ladybug!

EXCLUSIVE BRANDED DESIGN: Ladybug looks Miraculous in her new authentically branded Volkswagen e-Beetle with her signature spots and red color.

(Doll not included.)

REMOVABLE ROOF: Gaze at the glittering Paris lights with a removable moon roof!

SPINNING WHEELS: Take Ladybug’s new VW e-Beetle car out for a spin!

OPEN THE TRUNK: The trunk provides extra storage for accessories or additional Kwami to ride along!

ADJUSTABLE STEERING: So Ladybug—or her friends—can take the wheel!