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Collectibles > Chibi Mini Amusement Park: Rides & A Rescue
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Chibi Mini Amusement Park: Rides & A Rescue

Housed in Master Fu’s Miracle Box, this mini playset’s design is inspired by the amusement park where Stormy Weather came to wreak havoc! There’s lots of fun things to see and do—all in mini chibi scale! But look out, Stormy Weather wants to take down Ladybug! Can she save the day and de-evilize Stormy Weather? Help Ladybug find Stormy Weather’s hidden akuma so she can save Paris!

MINI FIGURES: Adorable chibi-designed Ladybug and Stormy Weather mini figures!

SO MUCH FUN! Visit some of the amusement park’s attractions! Take a ride on the ferris wheel or the spinning carousel! And don’t forget to find the hidden Kwami!

SO MAGICAL! The ferris wheel flips down so that the Amusement Park can close into its portable Miracle Box for on-the-go fun!

SO DETAILED! Discover Stormy Weather’s ice dome, a flipping water fountain, and a pull-up ticket booth!

SO MANY SURPRISES! The Mini Amusement Park includes a picnic area where Ladybug can relax—or find a way to escape being trapped in Stormy Weather’s ice dome!

WATCH THE VIDEO: Scan the QR code on the playset’s package to watch an exclusive chibi short video and continue the story with this Miraculous playset!

EXPAND THIS WORLD: You can add on to this magical mini chibi world with the Miraculous Chibi Boulangerie Miracle Box Playset!