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Miracle Box Kwami Surprise

Enter the Miraculous and mysterious world of the Kwami, the magical and mystical creatures that help Ladybug and her superhero friends (and enemies) transform! There are so many Kwami characters to collect! The doorway to a Kwami’s magic world is inside the Miracle Box! Are you worthy? “Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Miraculous!” and collect them all!

WHICH ONE? Each set contains one Miracle Box with one Kwami inside! Which magical Kwami will you discover?

WORLD OF KWAMI: There are so many different Kwami that come in Miracle Boxes! Glitter Kwami, Monarch Ring Kwami, and the Original Kwami!

MIRACULOUS: Every Kwami holds or is resting on the Miraculous object that helps Ladybug and the other superheroes (and villains) transform!

GLITTER KWAMI: Gleaming and glittering, this group includes Fluff, Trixx, Wayzz, Plagg, Tikki, and Pollen.

Will a Glitter Kwami be in the Miracle Box you choose?

MONARCH RING KWAMI: Transform into a superhero by wearing a Kwami Monarch ring! This group includes Stompp, Trixx, Wayzz, Pollen, Roarr, and Mullo.

Will one of these be in the Miracle Box you choose?

ORIGINAL KWAMI:  This group of collectible Kwami includes Fluff, Dusuu, Roarr, Kaalki, Barkk, Xuppu, Sass, Stompp, Wayzz, Trixx, Mullo, Tikki, Plagg, Daizzi, Pollen, and Nooroo.

Will you open the Miracle Box and find one of these?

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